Spirituality & Identity

There is an intricate relationship between your spiritual journey and who you are as a person. The journey of spiritual development often leads to the exploration of our beliefs, values, our sense of purpose which ultimately shapes our understanding of ourselves.

Spirituality development has the potential to profoundly impact one’s sense of identity, leading to self-discovery, shifts in values and priorities, a re-evaluated sense of purpose, and increased authenticity. Shauna has an eclectic collection of spiritual beliefs that guide her life but not her professional life. I will be happy to join your exploration and possible development of your spiritual beliefs and what fits for you. Some will want to know more about my journey and how it influences me. I am happy to share, just ask.

As individuals explore their spiritual beliefs and practices, it is important to approach this journey with self-compassion and an open mind, acknowledging that personal identity is fluid and subject to change based on our experiences and our perception of them. Reach out so we can explore these big questions together.

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